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“Tammy has lost 30 pounds and 4 pant sizes! ”
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Happy and Confident

I am honored to be asked to share my Bootcamp “transformation” story, although of course this is just a snapshot and the story is ongoing.

Last spring I was inspired to try Bootcamp by my friend Joel C and how awesomely changed he was since I had last seen him two years before. Amazing! Even though I’m a long-time vegetarian and have been fairly athletic my whole life, I’d gotten into some sloppy eating habits, and a little older, and worked a desk job, and was haphazard with exercise — with results you’d expect: I was this sort of gently rounded version of how I used to be, with not much energy, and not much confidence that I could do anything about it.

So, at Joel’s recommendation, I bought the special deal for 6 weeks of Bootcamp, took a big gulp, and gave it a try.

My first class was a Wednesday MMA with Egan and all the trainers — yikes! But Kimi was right there promising they weren’t all that hard, give it a try! Don’t worry, go at your own pace, do 50% this first class, just breathe … and amazingly somebody I knew was there too, giving it a shot, and we both survived, and inspired each other to come back.

That’s what’s so incredible about Bootcamp — everyone is so encouraging! Sure, the trainers are brutal and relentless (just kidding!) during class, but they are so there for you if you have questions or just need a morale boost. And it’s not just the trainers — this enthusiasm and understanding of the effort you’re making pervades the whole class, so if you’re just about at the end of your energy you’ll hear another bootcamper say, “Way to go! Come on, just one more!” How many times I’ve heard Renee from across the room with “Go Tammy!” and I can dig deep for that one more. I get a lot of support and inspiration to work hard to do my best, MY best, not pressure to do like anyone else.

Has it been ten months? I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work out here in this environment. It has made a huge difference in my life, something to ground the day when other things are stressful. I’ve come to appreciate embracing accountability for my eating and exercise, for my health! I’ve gotten a lot stronger, all the health indicators are great, weight has dropped, my clothes fit better — well, they’re new, and smaller because the other ones were too big anymore, all of which makes for a happy confidence that translates to all areas of my life.

Thank you, Bootcamp.


I was so sick of being a “fat boy”.  I decided it was time to make a change.  I joined Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp at the end of 2010.  Since then I’ve lost 65 pounds.  I have a whole new lease on life!  Best decision I’ve ever made!


I’ve been going to Bootcamp for 8 months now. I am a salon owner and a hairstylist and I work 6 days a week and I’m also a full time mom of 3. Being very busy at work and mommy job, I have no time for myself ( thats what i thought).

Last year I was diagnosed with CHRONS disease due to my severe abdominal pain.I started taking medications and did not like the side effects of it. That’s when I decided to try Egan’s Fit Body bootcamp. After 2 months of bootcamp I decided to free myself from meds, watched my diet and did my 30 min a day bootcamp 5x a week. To this day, I have not experienced the stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting I used to suffer from so many times a month for the last 20 years. I no longer need to take a blood test every month ( I hate needles), no medications, and no surgery. And I look great!

Life with bootcamp is great inside and out. I am so inspired everyday! Everyone there is so inspiring and positive. Kimi’s smile is infectious and that’s how and where I wanna start my day with.. Waking up so early is no longer an issue for me, it’s so much fun that it became my lifestyle.

I always share my love of bootcamp to all my friends and clients I worked with everyday! I thank God also for taking me to the path I am now!


I was just looking over my calendar and made the observation that I have been “addicted” to Egan’s Fitbody Bootcamp for a year now! I was thinking back over the last year, remembering all the instructors/mentors/motivators/ohana at bootcamp that have pushed me to become a better me. I used to be pretty athletic playing travel softball, volleyball, and doing horseback riding competitions. After moving to Hawaii and starting a new job, I became the heaviest, most unhealthy, lazy version of myself. Boot camp kicked me back into gear and helped me transform into the shape I’d always wanted to be.

Just wanted to say thanks for a year of motivation, friendship, and butt-kicking’s! Here is to another year! Keep the butt-kicking coming! My goals this year is 15 or more of those dreaded pull-ups!

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For the last few years I ‘ve been a part time jogger, jogging about 20 miles a week, but kept on putting on weight. A friend suggested trying Egan’s Bootcamp. I signed up and am glad I did. The workouts are challenging, grueling and keep changing so you are working different muscles every time. The trainers motivate, encourage and push you to work out harder and to your full potential. They also give you that “one on one” attention. I can feel my body changing, getting toner and stronger.  I believe this is the best workout you can get.


Before bootcamp I was pretty active, just finished my third marathon and just about completing the insanity program.  Although I was working out regularly,  I wasn’t very focused….not focused on losing weight or increasing strength, I was working out as ‘me’ time with friends so it was more of a ‘healthy’ social event for me.  Don’t get me wrong,  Insanity is difficult and training for a marathon is no walk in the park either.  But I wasn’t looking to get any results.

I looked at Bootcamp as a fun thing that I could do with a friend as we signed up together.  I was just tagging along.

Since Bootcamp, I’ve lost five pounds without trying.  But more impressive, my running has improved, without even running.   I haven’t ran much since the marathon and for the first time in my life, I’m pacing at a 9:03/mile for a 3 mile run when I used to run at a 9:45/10:00 pace.

Seeing the results in my running has really taken me by surprise and now I’m focused.  Just by working hard at Bootcamp, I’ve improved without even knowing it.

This is the busiest time of the year for me but committing to attend Boot camp has kept me healthy and energetic.  It’s the best 45 minute investment that I can make in the day.

It’s challenging and enjoyable.  There’s a sense of accomplishment when you get through the workout.  No workout is the same. Every day brings a new challenge. The trainers and fellow bootcampers are motivating, encouraging and so positive!

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Faced with the inevitable aging process, and not particularly liking the pudgy person looking back in the mirror, I was depressed and frustrated with my overall appearance and emotional negativity. After several unsuccessful attempts at using personal trainers, and trying to drag myself into a gym filled with stinky, grunting people who were more interested at staring into the mirrors than working out, I decided to try something outside my comfort zone. I found that wonderful and inspiring “something” in Egan’s Hawaii Fit Body Bootcamp.

Although 15 lbs of weight loss doesn’t seem like much, my previously “droopy” body parts are drooping no more!! Yeehaw! Just call me Ms Perky!! Hahaha! I somehow turned back the dreaded clock with Bootcamp!  Complete strangers (mostly hot young men, of course. LOL!) stop me all the time to ask what workout I’m doing, then they proceed to ask if they can possibly arm wrestle me!! I can tell you this, if you told me a year ago I would be waking up at 5:00am Bootcamp class 5 times a week, I would’ve had you commited to a psychiatric ward.  But,… I love, love, love waking up early to be amongst my Bootcamp family and of course our beautiful Kimi Morton – trainer, motivator, unending positive energy, and extraordinary leader. Wish we could bottle Kimi and sell her passion and fire for helping people attain their overall wellness goals!  The positive encouragement, the inspiring results of fellow bootcampers, and the genuine & fun people, are what make the bootcamp experience so much more than just another fitness class. I have never laughed so much, and had so much fun exercising in my entire life. I’m seeing so much inspiring results happening to my buddies. It makes me feel so happy and proud to be a part of this group. I know all I have to do is show up to class regularly, and sooner or later I will be an inspiration to another poor soul.  Yes, no doubt the physical transformation is going to happen…but what’s really priceless is the overall positive effect this experience has on one’s entire outlook and life. What Bootcamp does goes far deeper than just the physical. Love it!! Love life!!

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My friend is a writer for the Star Advertiser.  She had an assignment to write an article on Eganʻs free Saturday Bootcamp at Ala Moana Beach Park.  She begged me to go with her so I relented and woke up at 5:30 a.m. to make the drive from our home town of Wahiawa all the way to Ala Moana Beach Park.  We both had no idea what to expect and were so surprised at what we found!  A great group of supportive and amazing people.  Being 60 pounds overweight myself, I was prepared to feel intimidated and embarrassed during the workout.  Instead I found myself motivated and doing things I didnʻt think I could do.  That was in January of 2012.  After going to that one class I decided I wanted to try it again and brought my husband with me.  In February of 2012, I brought him along and he was instantly hooked.  He was also 50 pounds overweight.  We continued to go to as many Saturday sessions as our schedule allowed

When Egan opened his downtown location at the YWCA, I was so excited. I was one of the first ones to join up at the new location.  That was in October of 2012.  That is when the real transformation started.  I couldnʻt have done it without Egan and his amazing instructors.

I have never been a morning person.  I could sleep until noon and was always late for work.  I had no energy and while I dance hula, I could barely make it through hula practice.  I was hitting that post 40 depression and shopping in the plus size department wasnʻt helping.  I tried every diet from Atkins to Weight Watchers.  I was a member of 24 hour fitness and was probably lucky if I spent a total of 24 hours there during my entire membership.

No one can believe that I get up at 5 a.m. almost every morning to go and workout.  In the first month of going to the downtown location, I lost 4 inches off my waist!  Clothes that could barely zip I was now pulling off without even taking the zipper down!  I had more energy and slept better at night without even realizing it.  After my first month at the downtown location, everyone at work noticed my change and wanted to join in.  6 of my co-workers and friends have tried it and itʻs great.  I am stronger and healthier than Iʻve ever been.  I have lost 35 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 12.  I still have a long way to go but I can honestly say that this is the first time I truly feel that this is a way of life and not just a fad diet or program.  Since my husband, who now attends the Waipio classes, and I are doing this together, we choose to eat healthier and do healthier activities.  Our marriage has even improved because we are doing this together.  Even though we are both regular week members, we rarely miss a Saturday beach workout.


I’ve been coming to Egan’s Bootcamp for a little over a month (5 weeks)  Before bootcamp I frequently felt tired. Being out of shape made me very lethargic which made it difficult to motivate myself to be active. I was more inclined to oversleep and spend quality time with the TV or a book instead of going to the gym. Mentally and emotionally I wasn’t feeling myself due to the inactivity and lowered self-esteem from being out of shape.

Since I started bootcamp my energy levels have increased tremendously and productivity just in life in general has improved! In addition, bootcamp has given me the motivation to eat healthier, stay active, and strength train which were all things I was previously lacking. I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started bootcamp and my muffin top is starting to disappear! Yay! I’ve even pulled out some of my “smaller me” clothes. I feel more confident and happy and it’s only been a month! I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal but I am well on my way thanks to the awesome people at Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp and all the wonderful people sweating in the bootcamp with me.

“I would definitely recommend Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp to anyone who wants to get a great workout, meet some awesome people, relieve some stress, and become more confident about yourself”

Prior to finally trying Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp workouts in November of 2008, I walked by a bunch of times and peeked in to see what was going on inside. I actually got up enough nerve to walk in twice to ask some questions about the workouts but was still too nervous to join. I had wanted to get in better shape but was unsure about trying bootcamp, kickboxing or grappling as I had absolutely no background or experience. I was also unsure about whether I would be able to handle the workout as it looked pretty intense. A friend of mine who was a member invited me to give Egan’s kickboxing class a try in November of 2008. I was still nervous about going, but once I did it, there were a bunch of things that surprised me about my first class. I was surprised at how supportive and helpful the instructor was and how supportive the other members were as well. I was also surprised at the type of workout I got. It felt great to have someone push me in a way I would not have ever pushed myself! What also surprised me was what a great stress relief the workout was. It was really fun! The most surprising thing was that I was able to make it through the workout, but I think that had a lot to do with the support from the instructor and the other members in the class. Since 2008, I have consistently attended Egan’s gym and gotten in much better shape through the classes and have even joined the grappling classes, which is also a really good workout! I would definitely recommend Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp to anyone who wants to get a great workout, meet some awesome people, relieve some stress, and become more confident about yourself. Joining Egan’s Bootcamp and Grappling Unlimited was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself!

“Egan’s Bootcamp for me is not about becoming the World’s strongest or the most fit but simply to be a little stronger today than I was yesterday and to be a little more fit tomorrow than I am today.”
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Bootcamp? Are you kidding me? I first thought when my friend mentioned that I should join her. Egan Inoue’s Bootcamp? No ways!! Then I heard Egan talk at ‘Iolani School surrounded by his mom and family and I was inspired by his passion to succeed and now for his passion to help others succeed.
When I first joined Bootcamp the day after Mother’s Day 2012, my goal was to not pass out after the hour long workout. After four months I found that I surpassed my initial goal and now strive to become a stronger human being and most importantly a well-balanced person which would make me a better wife, mom, and professional. My inspiration is my three boys. I encourage them to excel in academics and to pursue their passions whether in the arts or athletics with great enthusiasm. Bootcamp has allowed me to speak with experience and authority as I cheer for my son to dig a little deeper at the last stretch of his cross country run, or to push a little harder in the seventh inning of his baseball game or to play the last scale on his trumpet just a bit better than the one before. Because of Bootcamp I know what it means to be tired but be able to push out one last rep, to be exhausted but empowered enough to finish strong. My sons have watched me working out at boot camp during the summer and now when they hear me cheering they know that I too have been where they are as my experience in Bootcamp has given me not only the ability to empathize with their struggle but the authority to encourage them.

Egan’s Bootcamp for me is not about becoming the World’s strongest or the most fit but simply to be a little stronger today than I was yesterday and to be a little more fit tomorrow than I am today. It’s not about winning or losing but playing your hardest and becoming a little better each day. Bootcamp is tough, but the benefits reach farther than just a lower BMI, it helps me strengthen my connection to my three sons.

“…the amazing results of losing 15 pounds have convinced me to cancel my gym membership and keep me coming back to Egan Inoue's Kailua Studio each morning”
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I have been working out with Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp in Kailua since May of last year and I have NEVER seen such drastic results with my body and mind.  Since I can remember, I’ve lead an active life style and going to the gym was a part of my daily routine.  After spending several frustrating years “working out” at the gym I assumed that I was in shape and just accepted that this was how my body was meant to be.  WRONG!  What I thought was “working out” was nothing compared to what I have experienced in the last 9 months at the Kailua Studio and the amazing results of losing 15 pounds have convinced me to cancel my gym membership and keep me coming back to Egan Inoue’s Kailua Studio each morning.

Egan Inoue’s Bodyfit Bootcamp has a feel unlike any other exercise group or program I’ve tried.  From the very first day, it feels like a small ohana.  The instructors are quick to learn your name and encourage you at just the right time.  “Heading to the gym” is no longer a time to plug in headphones and aimlessly walk or run on the treadmill for countless minutes.  The instructors design quick, efficient workouts so that that in 45 minutes I have accomplished more that I could ever have done in hours at the gym alone.  This bootcamp has taken the thinking part of my workout and in return has allowed me to see where my body will take me rather than my mind.

“Thanks to Bootcamp, I'm in the best shape of my life.”
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“You want us to do what?!” And now I can! Today, for the first time ever, I lowered myself from plank position to a hover, held it for a few seconds, then went into a cobra pose! Thanks to Bootcamp, I’m in the best shape of my life. The trainers keep it fun and the Bootcamp ohana – especially Kimi’s Team Awesome – keeps me coming back.

“I can say that in the 2 years I've been to over 250 classes and have loved every one (OK, almost every one).”
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Growing up as an athlete I was disheartened about my where my inner athlete went as I weighed in at around 245lbs. By sheer chance, I was reading a magazine article about this “new bootcamp” that opened up in Kailua. I decided to send an email to the address listed and see if this is what could jar me out of the rut I was in. The next day Corrie called me and excitedly told when and where to show up. It’s been 2 years since I started. While I try to check in on Yelp every day sometimes I forget but I can say that in the 2 years I’ve been to over 250 classes and have loved every one (OK, almost every one). I’ve lost and kept off 25lbs. My conditioning has been great. Last year I decided to run the Great Aloha Run without “run” training. I felt confident that Bootcamp had me fit enough to run it at a good pace… I was right, and wasn’t even sore the next day. I attribute all of it to Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp. Inspired by bootcamps daily challenge I’ve now started training in Jiu Jitsu which I can say is the best reality check for me when it comes to my fitness and brings me right back every Monday morning.

Thanks Egan & the training team at Kailua FitBody Bootcamp!

“Because of boot camp I am full charged physically and mentally, and ready to take on the day”
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I started participating in boot camp in Anchorage, Alaska, before I moved back to Hawaii in 2011.  Lucky for me, I signed up with Egan’s boot camp in Kailua.  Boot camp is now an integral part of my life.  I look forward to getting up before dawn to drive from Kaneohe to Kailua to kick off my day.  Over the past 18 months, fellow participants have become an ohana for me.  We talk, laugh, encourage each other and worry when we don’t see someone for awhile.  All of the instructors are inspiring, demanding yet accommodating, and, most importantly unfailingly positive.  When class is pau, dawn has broken and I have the entire day ahead of me.  Because of boot camp I am full charged physically and mentally, and ready to take on the day.  It is a fantastic feeling.  Although I can’t claim to have lost any weight, I know that boot camp keeps me fit and mentally sharp.

“In just 4 months with Egan's Fit Body Bootcamp, I have lost 45 pounds and dropped from size 44 pants to a size 36”

I have been going to Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp for a little over 4 months. My time there has been an incredible, life-changing experience. Not only have I changed physically, but my mental health and spiritual well being have improved as well.  Before I started training with Egan’s, I had several major health problems which doctors wanted to prescribe medication for.  I tried many different fitness programs including DVD’s, gyms, and other group fitness programs.  Although I saw some small results with these programs, my health issues still lingered.  I also tried several “fad diets” that left me feeling out of balance with my body and may have been making my health problems worse.

In just 4 months with Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp, I have lost 45 pounds and dropped from size 44 pants to a size 36.  The best part though is the fact that all of my health issues are gone and without taking any medication.  One could say that any exercise program with the proper dedication could get these results, but there is really something special about Egan’s that puts it in a league of its own. The classes are typically 30 minutes long and can be taken by people from all different skill levels. As I have progressed, I have been able to improve, push myself harder, and still get the most out of every class. The trainers there are AWESOME!!! They push you to do your best while making the classes fun and exciting. They support you with nutritional consultations and motivate and empower you to meet your goals. The best part though is the Bootcamp Ohana. The sense of camaraderie, friendship and support that everyone provides for eachother is just AMAZING!!!  I am so thankful that I found Egan’s and for the effect it has had on my health and my life.

“Within the first week I lost 15 lbs!”

Training with Egan and his trainers at the Waipio Bootcamp has changed my life in more ways then I would have ever expected! Before joining I weighed 185 pounds (I’m only 4′ 11″ … yikes). I would have to force myself to do things with my family because I didn’t have the energy for anything and hated being seen in public. I would tell myself that it was okay that I looked the way I did because I had three kids (ages 9, 4 and 1).  I had very low self esteem and very bad eating habits. Then I got an email about the September Slimdown which guaranteed that I lose 2 sizes or I get my money back; so I figured what do I have to lose but some weight!  Within the first week of the September Slimdown I lost 15 pounds; noticed that I had a lot of energy and just felt great all around!

After then Slimdown ended I didn’t want the “pain” and weight loss to stop. I decided to make this MY lifestyle and not just a trend. I don’t think I’m near my fitness goals but I’m a lot closer thanks to Egan and his trainers.  With all of the support and encouragement I get on a daily basis I know that I will get there sooner than later and I will no longer have to make excuses of my body and weight and feel accomplished for being able to do all that I do!

Thanks again to Egan, Heather, Micah, Corey and everyone else in the Bootcamp family!  You have forever changed my life!

Jen Mizumoto
“My cardio fitness level is incredible when compared to where I started. I'm stronger, faster, and better at everything I do”
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“Prior to joining Egan’s FitBody Bootcamp I was training martial arts 3 times a week. I had grown tired of lifting weights and had quit the gym, in search of something new, fun, and challenging. I had tried Crossfit and got injured so I stopped. My primary goals at the time were to develop quicker speed, gain better agility, and increase my cardio fitness.

After a year at Egan’s, I’ve easily accomplished all of these. I’m now working out 5-6 times a week at Bootcamp and 3 times a week at martial arts without a problem. My cardio fitness level is incredible when compared to where I started. I’m stronger, faster, and better at everything I do. The unique blend of MMA techniques, cardio, strength training, Jiu Jitsu, and other methodologies blended into an ever-changing, ever-evolving workout with trainers that are motivating, filled with energy, and passionate about what they’re doing is the reason Bootcamp is so effective.

Like a master chef taking well-known, ordinary ingredients to cook up a masterpiece, Egan has taken a range of different exercises and routines to come up with a fitness masterpiece. I wouldn’t train any other way.”

“In the last three months I’ve lost 30 lbs and dropped two pants sizes”
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My name is Todd Nacapuy and I’m Technical Account Manager for Microsoft.My job consists of sitting behind a computer screen for most of the day and taking clients lunch/dinners.Needless to say through the years I’ve put on some excess weight. 
When I started bootcamp on Sept 1st,I weighed 213lbs.I was living a semi active lifestyle that included hiking, golfing, and SUP.  I didn’t consider myself out of shape,yes there were things I couldn’t do anymore but I attributed that to age and not my fitness level. Egan and his team made me realize all those things I couldn’t do anymore wasn’t because I was old, it was because I was fat and out of shape. 
In the last 3 months, I’ve lost 30lbs and dropped two pant sizes.  My cholesterol level has dropped 24 points but more amazing is my triglycerides level has dropped from 431 to 171 during that time.  I feel  10 years younger and I no longer consume any caffeine products to make it through the day. I’ve been working out for years without these types of results.  I was doing the typical workout routines,going to the gym a few times a week, with the headphones on and lifting weights.  I call that the anti-social workout.Boot Camp is the exact opposite.Egan’s innovative workout routines help to promote social interaction and a different type of motivation.  When I see a 50 year old lady power through an exercises but at same time trying to encourage me to keep up, that’s motivation!
If you feel like you’re not as active anymore, you’re starting to feel more aches and pain, or you just want to get out and try something new. Come to boot camp.The environment that Egan has created makes it impossible to fail.

“Three months at bootcamp and I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight”
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I have always considered myself to be active with a relatively fast metabolism, so I was very frustrated when the last 10 lbs of baby weight would not come off, even after 18 months. I was eating and exercising as I normally would, but the extra weight would not budge. In a last ditch effort I decided to give Egan’s bootcamp a try…and I was completely hooked after the first class! It was what I had been looking for–a way to work out really hard several times a week in a challenging and motivating way. Each class was always different and had us doing all manner of push ups, burpees, planks, lunges, squats, cardio, jumping rope, MMA-style exercises (to name a few) and ab work to tone and strengthen the body while burning fat. With each passing week I felt stronger, leaner, energized, and ready for more! I was so inspired by his energy and his ability to push you further than you EVER thought you could go. After my first month I started dropping the pounds and three short months later I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight but with more energy, strength and stamina than before; I have never felt better! On top of providing amazing workouts, Egan’s plan also helped me figure out how to eat more efficiently and healthily–I feel that my metabolism is also back to where it was pre-pregnancy. I am so thankful for Egan and his trainers and just wish I had joined sooner!

“I feel better, I eat better, and I have more energy!”
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Egan’s bootcamp has changed my life, plain and simple. I considered myself an “active” girl before. I’d lift weights at the gym, go running, attend cycling classes, surf, hike, all the things a self-proclaimed active and outdoorsy Hawaii resident would do. It wasn’t until I started working out daily at Egan’s that I truly realized what it meant to be “fit,” and I realized I previously did not quite fit into that category! I’ve been going to Egan’s bootcamp every morning and my entire body and lifestyle has changed. I feel better, I eat better, I have more energy, and I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t touched in years! I love waking up early and getting my workouts in before the sun comes up, and I love the infectious energy and positive support from everyone. I feel truly blessed to have found Egan and his bootcamp and I now am a trainer at Egans Fit Body Bootcamp!