Aiea Boot Camp

Fire Up For Fitness At An Aiea Boot Camp

An Aiea boot camp offers challenging workouts for a small group of people, created and led by a personal trainer. You’ll have the benefit of the trainer at a fraction of what it would cost you individually, because each person in the group pays a percentage of it. You work with the same people each session and may even work outdoors, where the scenery and fresh air is far nicer than you’d find in a gym.

Personal trainers identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a program to meet your goals with these in mind.

Unlike many gyms that have cookie cutter programs designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced fitness levels, a personal trainer identifies not only your level of fitness but also your strengths and weakness. He then creates a program specifically for each person to eliminate the weaknesses and build on the strengths. He also watches as you perform the exercises to insure you’re doing each one correctly to maximize the benefit. Sometimes even the way you breathe can affect the outcome. As you progress, the trainer intensifies the training.

You’ll exercise using very little equipment, if any, so you can use what you learned even after the boot camp ends.

Taking your workout away from the equipment of the gym and into an area with no heavy equipment, such as the outdoors, can be a huge benefit. You’ll learn to use your body weight to build muscles, rather than using gym weights. No matter where you go, you’ll be ready for a workout as long as you have enough room, which may be minimal. It’s perfect for people who travel and either has to interrupt their regimen of fitness or at the mercy of local area gyms or hotel gyms.

You’ll love the comradery of the boot camp.

Since you workout with the same people each session, you’ll develop a comradery. Your group will provide support and even friendly competition. Many people love the group atmosphere and find they make friends, whom they workout with even after the camp ends. This is especially true for those trying to lose weight.

Personal trainers constantly change the routines at a camp, not only providing exercises for every part of the body, but also ones that focus on endurance and flexibility.

You’ll work hard, but also sleep soundly after a day of boot camp training. Adequate sleep can help you think clearer and perform better at work.

Boot camps are a great way for companies to create comradery among employees, while they also help them become fitter. The increased level of fitness can lower health care costs.

Boot camps can be for any age group or fitness level. Whether you’re a 25-year-old athlete entering the Ironman competition or a 70-year-old senior who wants to improve their health, there’s a boot camp especially for you.