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A bunch of equipment, some worn through towels, and an awkward smile on a card might technically qualify as a ‘gym membership’ but it certainly doesn’t equip you for a successful fitness journey. The truth is, what often makes or breaks fitness success goes way beyond the gym itself.

What tends to be most important is knowing what you’re supposed to be doing, when you’re supposed to be doing it, and if you’re doing it right. Our professional trainers start by filling in those gaps. Then, we top that support off with industry-leading equipment, exceptional customer service, and a sparkling clean facility. Because getting to the gym can be hard enough on its own. Once you’re here, simply follow our lead.

We invite you to experience Egan’s Fitness for yourself.

We promise

An Immaculate Facility
An Impeccable Facility

We consider pristine cleanliness a bare minimum. Beyond that, you can expect premium equipment, upscale amenities, and a genuinely warm welcome!

A Perfectly Tailored Plan
A Perfectly Tailored Plan

Everyone’s journey to health is different. We work hard to understand yours, then build a fitness and nutrition plan that ebbs and flows with your live.

Professional trainers who _Know Your Order_
Expert Trainers Who
“Know Your Order”

Like the star waiter at your favorite restaurant, our trainers know what you want and help you make progress toward your goal at every workout.

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