Choose the program
that works for you.

If bodies, preferences, and experiences don’t look the same, why should workouts? Working out with a coach who gets you ensures that every session is suited for your body and moving you forward on your path to fitness.

Choose from the membership options below and discover, like so many of our clients have, that exercise becomes more effective (and way more fun) when it’s made for you.

Every membership begins with a complimentary Starting Point Session.

Private Training Membership

Work one-on-one with a professional coach during your entire session, every session.

  • Go in-depth at your Starting Point Session to clearly define your point A (where you are now) and point B (where you want to go).
  • Get a personalized roadmap to your goals, with every step customized just for you.
  • If you have a highly specific goal (marathon training, competitive sport, etc.) or need to accommodate past or current injuries, this is the perfect option for you.

Semi-Private Training Membership

Individualized coaching + the energy of a group dynamic = the best of both worlds.

  • Split the cost of a personal coach between 2-4 people.
  • Each workout is catered to meet the unique needs of every participant.
  • Coaches carefully pace the intensity to keep you challenged but never pushed too far, and ensure you’re safely and effectively making progress.

Large Group Training Membership

Fast and efficient larger group cardio conditioning led by a professional coach.

  • With no more than 30 people per session, you’ll never be just a face in the crowd.
  • Circuit-style training with timed sessions that utilize rowers, ski ergs, battle ropes, slam balls, sleds, bikes, & body weight movement make workouts highly effective.
  • Stay safely and constantly in motion for the entire 45-minute session, so you can meet fitness goals, improve overall health, and have fun doing it!

Not sure which membership is the right fit for you?
Schedule a Starting Point Session and we’ll help you figure it out!