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Can Vegans Lose Weight Easily?

At one time, vegans limited their intake to more natural food options. They ate whole foods, which made them lose weight easier. Today, it’s not that cut and dried. Many vegan options are as unhealthy and highly processed as non-vegan foods. They contain processed flour, high amounts of sugar, and unhealthy oils. If you’re opting for veganism because you think it’s better for weight loss, reconsider your decision. There are many healthy reasons to choose a vegan diet, but it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll lose weight. Just like non-vegan diets, it all depends on the food you eat, not whether it’s animal or plant based.

It’s all about what you eat, not what you don’t eat.

Animal products tend to be higher in calories than unprocessed fruits and vegetables. If vegans ate only those, it would be difficult to overeat. That’s not true of other vegan foods. Sugar, for example, is plant-based. A high amount of sugar in your diet isn’t healthy. Nuts and nut butter are vegan, yet they are higher in calories. So are avocados. These foods, however, are also higher in fat and fiber, so you get full faster and stay full longer. The high fiber of a vegan diet is one reason it’s easier to lose weight.

You can veganize any type of junk food.

People tend to be too smart for their own good. They took a healthy eating option and created a monster, veganizing donuts, ice cream, and confectionary treats. French fries are made from potatoes, so they’re automatically vegan. The new Impossible burger that tastes like real meat is vegan and while it has the same calories as a burger, is higher in sodium. Regardless of being vegan, these foods can add pounds and contribute to a growing waistline.

It’s all about making the smartest selection of food.

Vegan, vegetarian, or omnivorous diet titles don’t automatically cause you to lose weight. It’s all about the food you consume. Eating less processed food closer to its natural state makes a huge difference. Choosing complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbs—like sugar—can help keep pounds from accumulating and make weight loss easier.

  • It may be harder to continue a vegan diet since it is more restrictive and harder to follow. It’s also harder to ensure you get all the essential amino acids that are automatically in animal products.
  • Not all vegan food is healthy. You have to choose wisely, just as you do with any diet. Consider the ingredients and how it’s cooked. If it’s deep-fried or cooked in vegetable oil, it’s automatically unhealthy.
  • A bag of vegan candy is just as bad for your health and weight as a similar amount of non-vegan candy. The same is true of vegan donuts. Vegan milk options often have added sugar to improve the flavor, making it less healthy.
  • Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet that aren’t highly processed can benefit everyone. Both fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and fiber, which aids weight loss.

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