Become Relentless

Achieve Your Best at Any Age

We know you’re busy and we’ll help deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time. All our coaches are fitness and nutrition certified. You’re working with experts to improve your mind, body, and soul!

We live by “Ohana” culture. We treat all of our clients like family. That is why we truly are committed to your success. Most coaching programs give the same cookie-cutter workout plan to everyone. At Egan’s Bootcamp, you won’t just be a face in the crowd. We’ll know your name, your goals, and what motivates you. You’ll also have your own personal coach to guide you all the way to crushing your goals – without the heavy price tag of personal training!

Weight Loss Bootcamp

Renewed self confidence, energy, and strength in just 30 minutes a day!

Heart pumping 30 minute fitness sessions offered at all four locations. Every session is different so you’ll never get bored and your body will never adapt, which means faster results in the shortest time possible. Build your strength, endurance, confidence, and become part of Egan’s Ohana along the way!

All sessions offer Level One and Level Two options so that all fitness levels feel welcome. Online sessions have a coach and demo coach so you can see how to do all exercises and follow along.



You will have your own accountability coach assigned to you upon joining. This is the magic that ensures you’ll get results. They will customize your program for you and change it up if you ever hit a plateau. Consistency is key in reaching your fitness goals. We will help you stay motivated and build healthy habits to maintain your progress!

Becoming Relentless

You can’t hold yourself accountable if you don’t have the mindset needed to succeed in every goal you set. Egan wrote a book about becoming relentless. So, how do you?

Learn how to develop a relentless mindset by:

      • Setting goals, surpassing them and setting new ones
      • Developing a plan and managing your time to accomplish more
      • Turning your failures into future opportunities
      • Walking the line between cockiness and confidence
      • Developing mental toughness when faced with challenges
      • Protecting yourself from time wasters
      • Having integrity in all you say and do
      • Being true to yourself and your dreams

 You finally have your own fitness & nutrition coach without the hefty price tag. 

Fit Forever

Don’t let your health hold you back!


No impact, heart pumping 30 minute workout sessions for those ages 55+. Focus on building strength, stamina, balance and agility. We guarantee results. Leave Fit Forever with better self esteem, more energy, and new friendships.

You will have your own accountability coach assigned upon joining. They will guide you to your own personal goals and encourage you along the way.

Virtual Coaching

Don’t live near a gym? No Problem!

Our program is also available online! Your coach can customize a workout and nutrition program you can do anywhere. The same customization and accountability in ANY location!

Join from your phone, tablet or computer. There’s nothing stopping you from logging on and working toward your goals!

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