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Healthy Foods That Feel Indulgent

When you think of healthy food, does your mind automatically turn to rice cakes and cardboard-tasting dishes that offer an unusual taste you can’t describe and don’t like? It doesn’t have to be that way. Healthy foods can tickle your taste buds and make you glad you’re eating. If you cut out sugar and foods with added sugar, your sense of taste will become keener. Fruits will taste sweeter. You’ll find they can do the trick in satisfying your urge for a sweet treat.

Start out with easy dishes, like banana ice cream.

Seriously, you can make ice cream without adding sugar or milk. It only takes bananas and any other ingredients you want to add. Slice the bananas into 1-inch coins and freeze them. Toss them in the blender and blend to a creamy consistency. You can use any type of bananas, add fruit, and even a few dark chocolate bits. Fruit ice is made the same way, except using a food processor rather than a blender. Frozen strawberry yogurt made at home is another healthy indulgence you and your family will love.

It’s all about texture and the salty taste.

Do you love fries? You can boost the nutritional value of fries and reduce the calories by making baked sweet potato fries with your favorite seasoning. Cut the sweet potatoes, toss them lightly in oil, and season. You can go simple by using salt, pepper, and if you like, garlic powder. You can bake it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. They’re even healthier when baked in an air fryer. You cut the amount of oil used to a few tablespoons and cut cooking time in half.

If you love pasta dishes, improve their nutritional profile and cut calories with zoodles.

Zoodles are noodles made from zucchini. You also can substitute eggplant or zucchini strips, large portabella mushrooms, or butternut squash slices for lasagna noodles. If you want a delicious substitute for spaghetti, consider spaghetti squash. It’s hard to cut in half, but well worth the effort. Cut it in half, scoop out the interior, brush it with olive oil, sprinkle on garlic powder, and bake with the cut side down. Scoop it out when it’s fully cooked, and eat it, or top it with your favorite sauce. It’s divine.

  • Add more nutrients to your mashed potatoes. In a steamer, cook cauliflower and small red potatoes. Mash the two together for mashed potatoes with fewer calories and more nutrients.
  • You can increase the resistance starch in potatoes, rice, and other foods by cooking it, then cooling and reheating it. Resistance starch helps prevent insulin resistance, feeds healthy bacteria in your gut, and makes you feel fuller.
  • Marinate chicken pieces with the skins off, then bake. You’ll often find marinades from well-known chefs in the grocery store. Combined with a salad and baby asparagus, it’s a meal fit for royalty.
  • If you miss chocolate and want to include it in your healthy diet, freeze a half banana on a Popsicle stick. When the banana freezes, heat a few dark chocolate chips and dip the frozen banana. It’s a tasty treat that’s so good, you’ll swear it’s illegal.

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