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Healthy Meals That Are Great For The Whole Family

Staying fit and eating wholesome, nutritious meals is a goal of many people in Honolulu, HI. Focusing on nutrition every time you eat can help prevent many of the serious conditions seen today. One way to ensure that happens is by serving and eating healthy meals. It can be quite a challenge, but one that’s well worth the effort. Nutritious meals can also be delicious. They can have eye-appeal, mouth-pleasing textures, and are perfect for both adults and children. Planning a week’s worth of meals and snacks makes it easier to keep your family on track to good health. Here are some ideas.

Start with pre-prepped vegetables.

Create bags of prepped vegetables ready to use for snacks and meals. Prepare celery, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and other vegetables. Slice them and store them in bags. They’re snack ready and easy to use for cooking. Combine them with lean sliced meat, mushrooms, bell peppers, or onions for stir fry served with brown rice. Sauté them with spinach, then scramble in eggs and top with feta cheese. Fill a pita, add lettuce, tomatoes, and other fixings, and you have another delicious meal that’s fun to eat.

Prepare fruit ahead.

What’s better than a cold cube of watermelon on a hot day? It’s hard to beat and kids are more likely when it’s in the fridge ready to eat. Prewash berries and grapes. Store grapes on the stem, which are indicators of their freshness. A green stem identifies fresh grapes, while a brown, shriveled one indicates you need to consume them quickly or pop them off the stem and freeze them. Frozen grapes make a refreshing summer treat and tasty ice cubes for cold water. Use the prepared fruit in salads, smoothies, or frozen and blended as an icy dessert.

Have a source of protein ready.

One of the cheapest protein sources is beans. They’re easy to rehydrate and store for a long time while dehydrated. Use a variety of beans for dips and salads or as a filling for healthy burritos or tacos. Boiled chicken provides several meals. The broth makes delicious soups. It’s the perfect way to use leftover veggies. Shred or cube the meat for chicken salad and other meals. Have lean burger patties frozen and ready for a quick meal. Thinly slice leftover beef and use it for stir fry, Kung pao, fajitas, or other healthy beef recipes and serve with quinoa or brown rice.

  • Find the best combination of healthy foods that your family loves. You’ll be surprised at how creative you can get. You can boil eggs ahead for snacks or egg salad for a quick meal.
  • Eating is fun when you try something new, like aquafaba. It’s the liquid from cooked beans. Use it in recipes as a replacement for egg-white, or whipped for meringue, chocolate vegan mousse, mayonnaise, or vegan butter.
  • Serving fatty fish once or twice a week can boost omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon steak, salmon stuffed avocados, salmon patties, and salmon pie are delicious additions. Tuna salad and tuna melts are also kid favorites.
  • Cut out white bread and use whole grains. Instead of pasta, try spaghetti squash or zoodles. Kids love the idea of these fun vegetables and willingly eat eggplant lasagna, spaghetti squash spaghetti, or creamy zoodles and meatballs.

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