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How To Eat Well While Traveling

Learning to eat healthy while traveling can be a huge benefit. You don’t have to travel long distances or take an extensive trip to benefit. You can benefit even if you’re on the road for the day and it isn’t convenient to stop at home to eat. If you’re flying to the continental US and traveling by car, these tips will keep you healthier and fitter on your trip. The first tip is to avoid eating at airports unless you choose fruit, yogurt, certain salads, and some soups. Avoid creamed soups and certain salads like chicken, tuna, and chef salads with more toppings than lettuce.

Pack lunch if you’re going to be traveling all day.

It’s far easier to stop at restaurants, but you can cut the cost by bringing your meal. Get a small cooler you can take with you and a good freezable, reusable ice pack. Our nutrition coach can help you with a meal plan that includes travel lunches and dinners you can take with you. We also provide meals from local meal prep companies that are easy to transport. Include healthy snacks for your day, such as fresh fruit.

Whether you’re traveling to the same destination each day or just going once, do your research.

Check out restaurants in the area where you’ll be at mealtime. Most places print their menu online. Stop where you can find food that’s closest to its natural state. Avoid fried food and opt for grilled ones. If you have a choice of potatoes, choose baked. Skip any sugary drinks and ask for water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea with your meal.

Don’t overlook farmers’ markets.

If there’s a farmers’ market in the area you’ll travel, stop and replenish your supplies with fresh fruits and vegetables. Even if you’re on a road trip and spending the night in a hotel or motel, you can wash the produce and slice it in preparation for the next day. Make sure the rooms you choose have a refrigerator to refreeze your ice pack and keep your food fresh. If you’re on a driving vacation in the continental US or another area, plan scheduled stops at restaurants you’ve already investigated online.

If you’re traveling to a new destination and planning your meals, always have several options. Sometimes the links are old and the restaurant no longer exists or is closed for the day. Be prepared for the unexpected.

If there are long distances between food stops, remember it’s better to stop a little early than it is to stop a little later when you’re more likely to be hungrier and eat more. Have healthy snacks if you need to eat later.

Take plenty of water with you and sip it throughout the day. If you’re flying, you can take an empty water bottle through security and fill it at a fountain on the other side. Drinking more water will help you shed pounds.

Good options on the road include a chicken or veggie wrap, fresh fruit, salad in a container, cheese, and fresh vegetables. Opt for vinaigrette dressing. If you eat in a restaurant, choose your food wisely.