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Incorporate A Stability Ball In Your Life

What’s a stability ball and how does it help boost your fitness? A stability ball works the core muscles that help maintain balance. Just sitting on the ball can increase the effort of the core muscles. Since the ball rolls, it’s harder to maintain stability and creates a workout that’s second to none. Some people use large stability balls as seating when they work at their desks for extended periods. It works the abs and can prevent back pain as you work.

Besides forcing the muscles to work harder, you’ll change position more frequently.

If you use a stability ball as a chair it helps your posture in several ways. First, it builds the core muscles that contribute to good posture and help relieve back pain. You also move more frequently when you use a stability ball as a chair. Changing position more frequently can help prevent stressed muscles and strains. It can eliminate the injuries caused by remaining in the same position too long and increase circulation.

If you want great abs, look no further.

Are washboard abs your goal? You’ll be amazed at how a little effort using the stability ball can help you reach your desired outcome. You can boost the power of crunches and other ab workouts by incorporating it into your session or just use it as a backup to sit on it and let nature take its course. You’ll feel the difference after just a few minutes. People who use the stability ball for the first time often incorporate it into their workout since they can feel the difference immediately.

No matter how you use it, it burns extra calories.

Losing weight can be an incredibly long journey. It seems to take forever to lose just one pound. That’s why anything that can help make it go faster is a benefit. Using a stability ball, whether sitting on it at the computer or using it during a workout, can burn extra calories and help weight loss occur quicker. The muscles put out extra effort that can burn an additional 350 calories a day. That’s an extra pound in just ten days. It won’t replace a traditional workout program or healthy diet but it will provide a bonus you might otherwise miss.

  • Getting up and moving for five minutes every hour is recommended to be your healthiest. When you’re using a stability ball as a chair, you’ll be more apt to do it.
  • People sit on stability balls to relieve back pain. Several exercises with this equipment can diminish tight muscles quickly and leave you feeling great.
  • Besides building abdominal muscles, you’ll improve your balance by exercising with a stability ball. It can help improve your overall grace and prevent unnecessary falls.
  • Using a stability ball frequently can help improve your circulation. Improved circulation helps all parts of the body from the skin to the heart.

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