Nutrition Coach

Proper Nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy lifestyle. At Egan’s Bootcamp we believe that nutrition should be customized to each individual person. This personalized approach means you won’t be starving or doing any fad diets, because that’s no fun. We take a sustainable approach to nutrition so that you can learn and apply healthy habits to your lifestyle. No more dieting! Just a common sense way to eat that will help you lose fat and build muscle.


Healthy Local Style Meals Delivered Fresh


For busy professionals meal prepping and planning can be overwhelming. We have partnered with Chef Alejandro Enderica and Jeffrey Deutschmann, Owners of Local Meal Prep company Aiea Meals to provide fresh portion controlled meals to our members.


Egan’s Bootcamp has partnered with Aina Meals to have your HEALTHY meals CONVENIENTLY delivered right to your Egan’s Bootcamp facility.


No more guesswork or prepping! Just pick up your delicious meals to get lean, healthy and energized.

Our Nutrition Plan

What You Get

Body Composition

Precisely track fat loss and muscle gain. More in depth than just stepping on the scale. We’ll provide you with a great plan to change your body composition.

Custom Plan

Your coach will work with you to find out what you like to eat, what your schedule is like, family dynamics, if you like to cook or not….and create a custom plan that won’t feel restrictive or too hard. We’ll make gradual changes based on your lifestyle that will help you get the results you want.


Sometimes the hardest part about nutrition is just knowing what to eat, how much, when, etc. We take the guesswork out of nutrition. You’ll have your own coach to guide you through all those questions. They’ll ensure that you can break through those plateaus. They’ll be there to support and encourage you.


Need some new recipes? Want some “eating out” tips? Need a plan for when you travel? We’ve got you covered! We’ll provide you with whatever resources you need as you embark on your healthy eating journey.

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Four Best Tips for Fat Loss

Explore common pitfalls, get practical guidance on how to overcome them, and set yourself up for life-long success.