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Valerie Ono

From struggling to keep up in her first fitness class to shedding 50+ lbs and getting off medication, read how Val’s journey to a healthier lifestyle with the support of her coach is truly inspiring. You won’t want to miss this! ⬇️ ⬇️

Meet Valerie Ono, a dedicated member of Egan’s Fit Forever program for the past 4 years, who has achieved a remarkable transformation in just the past two years. Her journey has not been easy, but with: *Determination *Discipline and *Support of her coach and community.

She has made remarkable progress towards her fitness goals. In 2 years, she has lost a total of 60.5 lbs of which 43.1 lbs was just from body fat! 😮💪

Val recalls her first class at Egan’s as being challenging but exciting. Although she struggled to keep up with the pace, she felt hopeful that this time, she would finally achieve the results she desired. 🎯 Over the past four years, Val has made remarkable progress in improving her movement, posture, water consumption, strength, and diet. 👏

However, Val admits that staying motivated is still a struggle. As a recovering chocaholic 🍫, she faces moments of temptation, especially during holidays. But her coach, Janine, has been a constant source of inspiration, reminding her to enjoy the holidays while doing her best to stay on track.

Thanks to Coach Janine’s unwavering support and guidance, Val has not only achieved her weight loss goals but has also gained confidence, strength, and a newfound belief in herself. 🎉💯

Val’s story is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, discipline, and support. With the right mindset and guidance, anyone can achieve their fitness goals and lead a healthy, fulfilling life. 📢

Liz Kashiwabara

📢 This is Liz Kashiwabara… one of our online members who actually joins us from Maui for our 5am zoom classes! Since starting in August of last year (2022) she has seen amazing results, losing just over 15 lbs total! 🥳

Liz is so amazing and is such a great example of what you can accomplish no matter where you are! 🌎 She consistently shows up and gets in her 5am zoom workout done before her work day starts. Not only has she put in the hard work on the “virtual” mat, she has also taken a hold of her diet, being more aware of what she is putting in her body has been a huge pivot for her.

She also mentioned, “I found Egan’s via FB. I was impressed with the honesty of the Ad. The process of signing up was easy. My need for accountability was another attraction and Coach Corrie has been so awesome. She taught me about protein and always makes the Zoom workouts fun. My energy and quality of sleep is so much better. My stress level has gone down all due to the workouts. Best thing I’ve done for myself is joining Egan’s Bootcamp.” 🎯

Keeping a balance between her workouts, her diet, and her activity outside of bootcamp has landed Liz in a wonderful cadence of continual results that she continues to see, we are so proud of you Liz, keep up the good work and we cannot wait to see you continue to crush your goals! 💪🏆


📢 Meet Gabby… Attending the Bootcamp has helped her reach her current weight and she even shared she didn’t think she could ever get her weight back down not until Egan’s Bootcamp! 💪🏋 Way to go, Gabby! 👏 We’re always proud of your progress and we can’t wait to see you again on the mat! 👀


Another milestone from one of our clients! In 2 months, Etta lost 8 pounds overall and 10.5 pounds of body fat! She works out at Egan’s Bootcamp to be healthy for her family. She’s gained so much confidence and is so proud of how far she’s come! 💪


📢 Susan started bootcamp 3 months ago and has lost 5 lbs of body fat and 11.3 lbs overall. 😮 🙌 She shows up bright and early every morning in Aiea and is consistent with her water, workouts, and is mindful of her food intake. 💦🏋 She is on a mission to gain muscle and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Awesome job, Susan! 🏆

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