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Workouts That Tone Legs Fast

Workouts that tone legs do more than just make your legs look better. They help you build stronger legs and get important weight bearing exercise that can help deter osteoporosis. If you’ve neglected your legs for a few years, with the pandemic the start of the downfall, it’s time to get busy and get back in the grove so you can show off your legs at the beach this year and wear shorts without feeling self-conscious.

Entertain your family and tone your legs by lunge walking around the house.

Lunges are great exercises to tone legs. They not only tone your legs and build muscle tissue, they improve your flexibility. A traditional lunge starts standing with both feet together. Then you put one foot forward, bending your knees, with your thigh parallel to the floor in front and the rear knee almost touching the floor. Stand up and bring the back foot forward as you do. Entertain the family by walking across the room doing lunges or have the kids play follow the leader with you being the leader, lunging your way around the yard.

You’ll tone your arms, build core strength and tone legs with a plank.

A plank is versatile and when you combine it with a reverse leg lift, it’s dynamite on the upper legs. Get into plank position and slowly lift one leg behind you while holding the plank with the other leg and arms. A glute bridge is tough enough. You lay on your back with knees bent and arms beside you, then lift your bottom off the floor until your body is at a 45 degree angle. For maximum leg toning, add one more step. Maintain that position and lift one leg, pointing your foot toward the sky and keeping it straight in line with your body.

Squats are also versatile and you can make them fun by modifying them.

Why is modification important for bodyweight exercises? The modifications can do a number of things. They can make an exercise more difficult or easier. They can also work different muscle groups or the same muscle groups on different planes. Squats work leg muscles, but you can modify them to work the muscles harder or in different ways by adjusting how wide apart your feet are. There are sumo squats with the feet extremely wide apart that work the thighs or close stance squats to work the quads.

  • Step-ups, box jumps and single-leg deadlifts are also good for toning leg muscles. Put one leg on a coffee table or chair behind you and lower yourself into a squat for a Belgium split squat that really works fast.
  • Mountain climbers are not just good for toning legs, they’re great for building endurance. Start in plank position then bring one foot forward with your thigh touching your chest, then back to start position, bringing the other leg forward. Increase your pace as you get fitter.
  • Don’t do your legs two days in a row. Alternate the days with upper body and fun, relaxing exercises like swimming, walking riding a bike or dancing. Take it easier on those days, since you’re devoting them to active recovery.
  • Cankles aren’t attractive either, so don’t forget ankle workouts. You can do them while seated, making circles with your toes. Calf raises on stairs, jumping rope and riding a bike also help.

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